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United Mint Campus Top 10 of 2017

by United Mint Campus
2017 was a transformational year at United Mint Campus. Across our industry immersion, cycling talent development, and MBA professional development programs, United Mint Campus challenged the status quo and pressed on to make a profound difference.

The Year in Review – 2017 at United Mint Campus was a transformational year, to say the least. UMC students transformed from study abroad participants into world traveling professionals. UMC staff transformed from great coaches and mentors into awesome coaches and mentors. And UMC programming transformed from an experimental experiential abroad program into a comprehensive LEARN WORK PLAY experience that spanned undergraduate & graduate academics, professional development, sports, arts & culture.

The challenge of changing education as we know it was deeply embraced by everybody involved at United Mint Campus. Our shared mission allowed us to push our limits (and push the envelope) on a daily basis. This meant a lot of learning by doing and creating: fashion shows and boutiques, product inventions and designs, landscape architecture 3D models. Beyond that: movies were made, stories were written, great voyages were undertaken.

Across our industry immersion, cycling talent development, and MBA professional development programs, United Mint Campus challenged the status quo and pressed on to make a profound difference.


United Mint Campus Day Trip to the salt flats.

The salt flats of the Salinas de Anaña.

Number 10: Day trip to Salinas de Añana Valle Salado

6,500 years – that’s how long the Salinas de Añana have been producing salt. The United Nations has designated the Valle Salado “Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System.” Chefs with a total of 22 Michelin stars between them use Añana Salt in their restaurants. UMC students were hosted for a day of salt tasting and learning about the history of the salt business. It was saltastic.

Global Leadership Week 2017 hosts Cobey Flynn’s workshop “Leading the Workplace of Tomorrow”

Number 9:  Presenting at Global Leadership Week 2017

Global Leadership Week elevates and broadens the global education dialogue, bringing attention to the urgent need to develop global awareness and competency in students and teachers. United Mint Campus was thrilled to present the workshop: “Leading the Workplace of the Future.” https://unitedmintcampus.com/internships-today-workplace-future/

United Mint Campus Student mails postcard in Spanish lion mouth postbox

United Mint Campus Student completes the “How to use the Spanish Post” immersion event by mailing a postcard.

Number 8: Launching the Spanish Immersion Program

When our students arrive for their program they are treated to a Spanish Immersion Bootcamp. Combining formal classes with 5 in-situ immersion sessions. Oh – and you get to eat yummy things and go shopping along the way. Students reported that the UMC Immersion bootcamp was a highlight of their time in Spain (especially the delicious food).

Number 7: UMC Does Barcelona

United Mint Campus Students smiling in Barcelona.

United Mint Campus students enjoying a Tour of Barcelona .

When our students go to Barcelona – it’s not just an “oh, those tapas where amazing” kinda trip. At UMC Barcelona, it’s more like – “The tapas were unreal, the Diplo concert was rad, the Gaudi buildings were sick, the art – oh – the art, and Razzmatazz was legendary.”

Cyclists as far as the eye can see.

Ethan Egglestone climbs.

Number 6: United Mint Cycling Makes History

What does a young and modern cyclist dream about? That’s easy – it’s United Mint Cycling. The first-ever “edu-training” program for cyclists was launched with epic group rides, intense weekly competitions, podiums, pro-coaching, and a cyclist-specific nutrition program.

UMC Top 10 of 2017 Students pose under the sign "What do you bring to the table?"

MBA Students identify “What they bring to the table” in one of Cobey Flynn’s workshops at Edinburgh Business School.

Number 5:  Launching The “Think Like A Brand” Program at Edinburgh Business School

As part of The MBA for Entrepreneurs at Edinburgh Business School, Brand Strategist and United Mint Campus Project Incubators co-founder, Cobey Flynn, created a special series of workshops for Entrepreneurs. Apply for this 1st of its kind program here: https://www.ebsglobal.net/programmes/edinburgh-dubai-mba

UMC Student rides the t-bar ski lift up Baqueria-Beret Resort.

UMC Student rides the t-bar ski lift up Baqueria-Beret Resort.

Number 4: Skiing Baqueira

Ahhh… Skiing the Pyrenees. It’s kinda like skiing the Alps, only the prices are way lower, the sun is way hotter, the days are way longer, and the half pipes are even half pipier.

Anatoly Lezhen Presents “Welcome to the 21st Century OS” at ASU + GSV in Salt Lake City, UT.

Number 3: Presenting at ASU GSV SUMMIT

Founder and CEO, Anatoly Lezhen, was invited to talk about the work we’re doing at United Mint Campus.

ASU GSV is the partnership event between Arizona State University and Global Silicon Valley Partner Investors. Known as the annual conference “for everyone who matters in the learning and talent innovation community” – we found ourselves in good company with the likes of Ted Dintersmith, Microsoft, Udemy, Harvard X, and Accredible also presenting at the Summit.

Watch Anatoly’s presentation here: http://bit.ly/breakedu

Students in front of the Duomo Cathedral in Milan

United Mint Campus students exploring Milan, Italy.

Number 2: Exploring Europe

London, Milan, Amsterdam, The Canary Islands, Paris, Barcelona, Antwerp, Anglet, Biarritz, Pamplona, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Berlin, just to name a few of the trips in 2017.

Travel unlocks your mind and nurtures your soul.

UMC Top 10 of 2017

Cobey Flynn, Brand Strategist, leads the workshop “Breaking Through The Clutter” at the 2017 Global Entrepreneurship Week.

Number 1: Hosting Global Entrepreneurship Week 2017

At UMC, we don’t throw the word Entrepreneurship around lightly. We believe that it’s the way of the future – as in, it’s the key to money, power, respect, philanthropy, and happiness.

United Mint Campus led workshops and facilitated panel discussions that supported and connected entrepreneurs in the USA, Spain, and the United Kingdom. We are sharing two videos of the events with the community at large. You can sign up to get the videos of the workshop “Breaking Through the Clutter” and the Panel Discussion “Leveraging Your Network.” here: https://unitedmintcampus.com/global-entrepreneurship-week-2017/


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